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How to test… Java with Groovy & Spock 0

How to test… Java with Groovy & Spock

In November 2013 I wrote an article about the advantages of Groovy as an alternative test language for Java. While the article shows some clear advantages of the Groovy language, there are some strictly...

Directory tree with a src/main/java and a highlighted src/test/groovy folder. 3

How to test… Java with Groovy

Java is a nice language. The JVM allows you to run the same code on multiple platforms. There is a huge standard library for many standard tasks and (Maven) repositories for all the others....

A email form filled with test data 6

How to test… Java Mail

Using the JavaMail-API is a quite convenient way to send and/or receive email… OK it feels a little old (and it is) but we can always use something like Apache Commons Mail’s SimpleMail to...