Hi. I'm Michael Kutz, a software developer, a test (automation) expert and an Agilist. In my daily work I try to get developers, testers and operations guys to work tightly together in agile processes to achieve the best possible quality in the given time frame. This work takes a lot of idea and knowledge transfer and this blog is one channel for just that.

It write about topics in test automation, agile quality assurance and test concepts, describing abstract concepts for testing, practical solutions for frequently found problems and my thoughts on random problems and solutions in these areas.


The command assert is widely known in test code to make the test fail if the following statement is wrong.

I chose it to be part of the name of the blog to represent test automation as one part of its content. In the logo it is represented as a monospaced “a”.


Agile is the other part of the blog's name. As written above I am an Agilist. I think there is currently no better way to develop software than the agile way.

In the logo it is represented by the capital hand written “A” .